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The use of well cover
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    only for pedestrians to walk or bike riding or green sidewalks, non-motor vehicle lanes, the car parking lot Suitable for installation in the drainage ditch cover, from the side of stone road lane began to extend to 0.5 m roads, parking lots, can exercise all kinds of motor vehicle terminal, the airport runway The airport runway A ban on motor vehicle traffic and parking sidewalks, venue motor vehicles, park road, the motor vehicle shall be prohibited from entering the site green space, bicycle lanes and sidewalks steam under 10 level and road traffic or parking area Road motor vehicles or parking space Small cars slow walking road, sites, residential area, green land and other places of general Making a motor vehicle driving, park road, ground freight station, wharf and other heavy vehicles more road, the airport site or available for helicopter landing of highway and so on special road and city road motor vehicles, parking venues, roads and parking lots Slow lane, residential district and the pavement green belts and driven and parked vehicles can't streets and roads, parking lots, venues may exercise all kinds of motor vehicles

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